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10900 W Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53226

10900 W Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53226

Milwaukee Garage Doors and Openers

For top-quality Milwaukee garage doors and garage door openers, call D&G Garage Doors & Openers. We only use high-quality parts for our garage doors and openers services, so our garage doors last.

Residential Overhead Doors
Carriage House
American Traditional

A Haas Doors overhead garage door that is engineered for beauty, efficiency and practicality, the American Tradition Series™ offers premium quality doors with superior craftsmanship. These residential garage doors add value and elegance to any home.

Model 760

With the natural look of embossed wood grain and the durability of steel, the RHT 760 Model is the perfect marriage of long-lasting practically and classic good looks. Also known as the Platinum Carriage House Edition, these residential overhead garage doors offer exceptional quality and craftsmanship, making them a premier choice for homes of distinction. Insulated with urethane for maximum energy efficiency, these galvanized steel doors will provide years of protection and use without rusting, warping, or cracking.

Model 660

The RMT 660, also known as the Gold Carriage House Edition, are always in demand. These overhead garage doors are designed to add a distinctive look while providing low-maintenance but high-quality value. Ideal for all climates, the RMT 660 is made of insulated urethane and galvanized steel, providing a surface that maximizes energy efficiency without rotting, cracking, warping or rusting. An annual favorite, the Gold Carriage House Edition RMT 660 provides unbeatable value.

Model 246L and 246

The 246 Models, or Carriage House Edition Models, offer the good looks and high quality that are hallmarks of Haas doors. Designed for good looks and low maintenance, the 246 models offer the same strong galvanized steel construction that other Haas Door overhead garage doors offer, plus they offer premium optional features, including optional insulation (for improved energy efficiency) and optional glazing (for improved visibility and style). These high-end garage doors are available in pre-finished colors and include a Limited Lifetime Warranty against rust through, warping and cracking.

Platinum Edition Models RHT 710, 770, 780, 790

With deep wood grain embossing and durable galvanized steel, the Haas Door Platinum Edition Model overhead garage doors add style and value to any home. Available in over a dozen color choices (including homeowner favorites like Polar White, Hunter Green and Embossed Mahogany), the 700 Series garage door models also come in eight different window options (including Recessed Panel, Raised Panel and two different Carriage House panels).

Gold Edition Models RMT 610, 670, 680, 690

Get more than five times the insulating value of wood with any one of the Gold Edition 600 Series of overhead garage doors from Haas Door. With over a dozen color choices and eight panel choices to choose from, the 600 Series offers incredible value and good looks. These doors are made from galvanized steel, backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, and resistant to any sort of damage from warping, cracking and rotting.

Siler Edition Model 247, 248

Available in four pre-finished colors and four panel options, the 240 Series overhead garage doors from Haas Door offer simple value and durability that looks anything but plain. With embossed wood grain panel choices and the durability of galvanized steel, these garage doors offer many years of protection. Plus, they come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Bronze Edition Model 258

Built for the value-minded but without sacrificing quality and good looks, the 250 Series Haas Door overhead garage doors are handsome, durable and built to last. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty against rust through, cracking and warping, these garage doors are a practical and affordable choice.

Classic Wood Collection Model 600, 700

Get the look of real wood garage doors without the maintenance hassles. These premium overhead garage doors mimic the look of real wood but add decades of low maintenance use and durability by being made of 26 gauge, galvanized steel. Includes the Haas Limited Lifetime Warranty against rust through, cracking and rotting.

Commercial Garage Doors

Haas Door’s Therma-Pro™ overhead commercial garage doors offer the highest R-value in the industry — 25.8. These insulated sectional steel doors feature a 3” pressure-injected core of high-density CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation, and they are reinforced with galvanized steel struts and double-end hinges. These exceptionally strong doors are made to meet or beat local wind load requirements, and they are ideal for high-performance applications that need maximum energy efficiency and strength.


Exceptionally strong, energy efficient and made with hard-working hardware, HAAS-THERM™ doors offer an insulating, noise dampening commercial overhead garage choice that is good-looking enough for front-facing garages. Made with polyurethane-foam cores and a unique, corrosion-resistant paint system these commercial doors have an impressive R-value of 16.18.


Made with high-density CFC-free polyurethane foam, MISER-THERM™ doors are strong, durable, and built to last. These popular commercial overhead garage doors are coated with a three-tier, corrosion-resistant protective paint system and have an R-value of 13.45.

Ribbed Steel Doors

Made from hot-dipped galvanized steel that has a urethane prime coat and a polyester topcoat of paint, these commercial steel sectional doors offer a clean, neat look. 20/24 nominal 24 gauge steel sectional doors models 220/224/224E offer semi-flush panel configuration.

Aluminum Doors

A favorite with commercial and industrial architects, Haas Door aluminum doors offer strength, good looks and durability. Ideal for car washes, auto service centers, retail automotive facilities and fire houses, these aluminum doors offer a unique window design for added visibility and aesthetic appeal.

Residential Belt Drive Openers

Belt drive garage openers are popular because they are quiet and reduce vibration. They are, however, more expensive than other types of garage door openers so they cost more to install. These Liftmaster garage door openers use a patented Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS®) that reduces noise.

We carry the following belt drive garage door openers:

Elite Series 3850
Elite Series 3585 (includes The Protector System®, a light beam safety system)
Premium Series 3280 (allows you to electronically program security codes)
Residential Chain Drive Openers

Chain drive garage door openers are economical and dependable. While they aren’t as quiet as belt drive door openers, their affordable price makes them a popular choice.

We carry the following chain drive door openers:

Elite Series 3595 (¾ HP and heavy duty design for heavy garage doors)
Premium Series 3265 (½ HP and includes The Protector System®, a light beam safety system)
Premium Series 3275
Contractor 3255 (½ HP and includes The Protector System® light beam safety system)
Contractor 1355 (½ HP and includes The Protector System® light beam safety system)
Contractor 1345(⅓ HP and includes The Protector System® light beam safety system
Residential Screw Drive Openers

Screw drive garage openers are popular because they offer low maintenance, reasonably quiet service. Plus, they have fewer moving parts and lined tracks that reduce noise.

We carry the following screw drive door openers:

Elite Series 3840 (¾ HP and includes The Smart Garage Door Opener® with programmable security codes)
Premium Series 3240 (½ HP and includes The Smart Garage Door Opener® with programmable security codes)
Contractor 3130 (⅓ HP and includes The Smart Garage Door Opener® with programmable security codes)
Residential Jack Shaft Opener

We carry one type of jack shaft door opener:

Elite Series 3800 (includes The Protector System® light beam safety system and The Smart Garage Door Opener® with programmable security codes)
Commercial Garage Opener

Our LiftMaster commercial garage openers are designed to bear the full brunt of heavy industrial usage. Providing the highest levels of durability, strength and reliability, our commercial garage door openers are built to last.

We carry a wide selection of industrial and commercial door openers, including:

Trolley Operators (for standard lift sectional doors)
Jackshaft Operators (for rolling grilles, rolling shutters and rolling doors)
Hoist Operators (for rolling doors, grilles and sectional doors with high or vertical lift)
Slide Operators for single and bi-parting slide doors and fire doors)
Garage Door Accessories

We also carry a full line of garage door accessories and options, including:

Gate Operator Systems
Access Control Systems
Door Control Products
Remote Control Products
Home Convenience Safety Products
Universal Products
Perimeter Alert Systems
Please click here to see more products on the LiftMaster website
Residential Overhead Doors
2500 Series

Mid-America’s 2500 Series of overhead garage doors offers classic good looks with traditional raised panels in a variety of styles and colors. Looks like wood but lasts like steel.

Regal Series

Mid-America’s Regal Series of overhead garage doors offers traditional good looks with a customizable raised panel design that looks like wood but offers the durability of steel.

Celebrity Series

Mid-America’s Celebrity Series of overhead garage doors comes in heavy, 24-gauge steel. Delivering refined good looks and exceptional durability and security, these garage doors add value to any home.

Vantage Series

Mid-America’s Vantage Series of overhead doors offers an attractive wood grain design with a solid polystyrene core that gives them a high insulation value.

American 200 Series

Mid-America’s American 200 Series of garage doors offers a striking yet traditional design for appealing looks and lasting durability.

American 150/250 Series

Mid-America’s American 150 Series and 250 Series garage doors offer true value and lasting style. Construct of two inches of polystyrene insulation between two sheets of steel.

XL Series

Mid-America’s XL Series of overhead garage doors are available in all models and include 10 attractive design options. Rugged and durable, these attractive garage doors are made with 24 gauge steel.

CS Series

Mid-America’s CS Carriage Style Series garage doors offer a unique recessed panel design that will add elegance and value to any home. Comes in eight panel options and customizable hardware choices.

CSL Series

Mid-America’s CSL Exclusive Series of garage doors are available in most Mid-America models. With a traditional recessed panel design and plenty of hardware and panel options to choose from, these carriage style garage doors are sure to please.

To learn more about our many garage door choices, call us today at 414-617-8028 or 414-617-8028. We provide professional garage door services throughout the Milwaukee area, and our professional technicians are available 24/7 to field emergency services.

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